What a coincidence… I sometimes feel like a spore, too

I love getting letters from students who have read my work. Just before Christmas, I received my favourite letter of all time, from a boy in Tempe, Arizona, who had read Truth. Here are a few excerpts:

“When I cracked the book open I felt like a spore being sucked by a black hole into a universe of pure joy and imagination.”


“I can relate to Ross because he’s buff and works out a lot but doesn’t play sports and goes to a ton of radical parties. He also organizes most of the Fairfield’s parties and where ever he goes the party goes just like me, but my swag is on a completely different level. Like if he was on level 10 I would be on level one billion.”

If this was a “write a letter to an author” class assignment, I hope James got full marks.

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