What I did on my winter vacation

Okay, we didn’t actually GO snorkelling. The little monkeys freaked out as soon as they were waist deep in the waves. Maybe next time… We DID have a wonderful time in Mexico, for the week of Christmas. And now I’m back with a few New Year’s resolutions.

1. Write!
I’ve arranged this season’s timetable so there’s regular writing time. Due to the fall’s general craziness, there was NO writing time scheduled. I learned that when things are about to hit the fan (a) not agreeing to contracts is a good idea; but (b) not scheduling writing time is a bad idea. Writing time equals sanity. And this season — time! Exciting.

2. Finish the damn novel.
And revise it. And sell it. Just like that.

3. Dress better.
I’ve been saving the earth by wearing only second-hand clothes for the last year or so. This has resulted in a wardrobe that’s perfectly adequate… unless I plan to leave the house. I’m needing a new strategy. I imagine it will involve eco-friendly clothes, but they always seem to be made for those who are long and lean, not short like me. The search begins.

4. Eat more vegetables.
And, as the gatekeeper of my family’s meals, force everyone else to eat more vegetables.

5. Arrange some school presentations.
This is a bit like resolving to pull out my own teeth, just for the fun of it, but I’m inspired by my friend Rachelle‘s vow to do something fear-inducing every year. Public speaking it is! Prepare yourself, world…

2 thoughts on “What I did on my winter vacation

  1. Mary Jane

    Looks like you had a good time away. A beautiful family!
    Your list is interesting. I am trying to make a list of resolutions and it is too darn long. I think yours is much more realistic.


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