What REALLY makes the world go ’round

Min is not big on small changes. He believes that if the world is going to change, it will be because of governments and legislation. He’s not given to insignificant individual gestures. This is the man who brings home Kentucky Fried Chicken for meatless Monday. The man who objects to outdoor clothes drying on aesthetic grounds. The man thinks Costco-sized meat flats are single-serving portions.

But then. THEN. I read him the phthalate chapter of Slow Death by Rubber Duck. The chapter in which phthalates are threatening his sperm count and the future reproductive capabilities of his son. And would you believe? My husband is using organic shampoo, organic conditioner, and… this just in… natural deodorant.

I know. Those of you who know Min personally are shaking your heads in disbelief, wondering what alien ship picked up the real Min and left an imposter in his place. But it’s true, I tell you. Natural deodorant.

Which has led me to the following conclusion:

It’s sperm that makes the world go ’round.

On a related side-note, I’m reading Chris Turner’s A Geography of Hope. You know all these environmental books with back cover copy promising a ray of hope at the end? A ray of hope that you can barely see once you’ve actually read the book and you’re lost in the dark abyss of despair? Well, this book is different. It acknowledges that we’re all in the dark abyss, but it allows in MANY rays of light.

I might even read some to Min, if he stays on this natural deodorant kick.

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