What the…?

Keep a notebook, keep a notebook, keep a notebook.

Probably the most repeated piece of writing advice ever. And useful. Assuming you’re the type of person who writes coherent notes.

Here’s what I found written on a blank page smack in the middle of my notebook yesterday:

  • Sacks – undies for guys to increase fertility.
  • Depleted uranium in bullets (Bernie – ex-solider?) Gulf War Syndrome
  • Shark Dialogues – novel
  • Tangles (graphic novel) Sarah Levitt
  • Potassium Chloride between the toes – a little hard to accomplish?

I mean, wow. Have you ever seen anything so incomprehensible? I actually stared at this page for quite a while, trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK I was thinking when I wrote these notes.

Eventually, potassium chloride triggered the answer. These are notes from my most recent visit to a Lyceum book club, where we talked about 50 Underwear Questions and 50 Poisonous Questions… and apparently a few other topics, too.

I wonder why I needed to read Shark Dialogues? And I wonder who I was planning to off with that potassium chloride trick…

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