What’s your sign?

This Huffington Post article tells me I’ve become a more relaxed mother and stopped worrying about the details of my children’s growth and eating habits. I would love if that were true, but I’m afraid I had an entire conversation with another mom this morning about whether or not sliced fruit is enough fuel for a recess snack.

Horoscopes are a funny thing. I once held an elevator door for an elderly couple outside a grocery store. When they were inside and the door had slid closed, the man asked me about my day.

His wife elbowed him. “She doesn’t want to answer your questions.”

He said, “She does. She’s a nice person. Obviously a virgo or a libra.”

At this point, I’d exchanged probably ten words with the man. But he was right! “I’m a virgo.”

The man raised his eyebrows at his wife. “See?”

The people who put stock in horoscopes are not always those you’d expect. I’ve been thinking it would be fun to include a astrology fan as a character in a young adult book. I also know writers who use astrological signs to define the strengths and weaknesses of their characters.

In the meantime, I obviously need to stop exposing my inner personality traits by holding elevator doors.

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