While drinking a beverage which may or may not have been caffeinated

I’m loving this whole outline thing.

Today, I anticipated an hour of coffee-shop writing time while the kids were in a class. I couldn’t find my laptop, so I needed a distinct scene to scribble about in my notebook. (Yes, I realize that the fact I couldn’t find my laptop may imply that I should have spent my hour cleaning and not writing. But art involves sacrifice. And sacrifice may or may not include getting cholera in my kitchen. So shush, already.)

Anyhoo, I pulled up my handy-dandy outline, and picked a scene. Then I remembered the article I read this week about microsetting, and I chose an interesting location. (Which may or may not have been the back seat of a crew cab truck… but didn’t I already tell you to shush?)

Forty-five minutes in coffee shop. Scene written. Outlines rock. Onwards!

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