Witness protection for writers?

It was the 50th anniversary of UBC’s OT department this weekend, and Min, as a member of the event organizing committee, scored a discounted room at the River Rock Casino in Richmond. So, we dropped the kids off at their aunt’s house early Saturday afternoon, and checked into what turned out to be a one-bedroom suite, complete with two TVs and a jacuzzi tub.

Min had a head cold and immediately fell asleep, leaving me with several hours to spare, a stack of books, and absolute silence. No one asked me for a snack, no one had to use the potty, and no. one. talked.

Oh my.

After a while, I got to thinking. What if we were in the witness protection program? What if there were armed guards outside the hotel room, and we were’t allowed to leave? How long would it take me to get bored?

I decided AT LEAST seven days. Min (when he woke up) said he could last a week, but only if he were allowed access to the hotel pool and gym. Which I think those secret service guys could arrange, no?

All I can say is… if any of you are secretly laundering drug money, I’m TOTALLY turning you in.

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