Happy belated Thanksgiving, all! I’m back at my desk in a slightly rounder state, having stuffed myself with turkey and pumpkin pie all weekend.

I’m sure it will burn off, though — I have a busy few weeks ahead of me! Tomorrow evening, I’m meeting the Novel Knickers at Christianne’s Lyceum, to talk extreme survival. On Monday, I head down to the Annick offices for a reception, where I will pretend to be more intelligent than I actually am. I’m attending a Writers Fest event, just for fun. Then having a writer friend for dinner, and going for drinks with my writer’s group, and attending the BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association conference dinner.

Whew! After the school strike and 13 weeks of being home with my kids, it feels like I’ve finally turned back into a real writer. Though now that I’ve looked at this schedule, I’d better find some time for the actual writing…

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