Work shmirk

Pardon? What was that? Oh… you’re supposed to be working on a first draft/a substantive edit/Christmas cards/shopping/shortbread cookies/party preparations/vacuuming but you’re pissing away your time on the computer? What a coincidence! Me too!

The time waster of choice today is the Happy Planet Index, where you can check your relative happiness against that of other people in other parts of the world.

Thanks to my personal talent for procrastination, I scored as follows:

Your personal Happy Planet Index(HPI) is 76.

Impressive. This is above the world average of 46, but still below the target of 83, which represents a good life that doesn’t cost the Earth. There are still some ways that you can improve your score.

I have redacted the information about my ecological footprint, in order to continue feeling happy.

Go try it out! Leave me a comment with your results! Or… go back to work. Whichever sounds like more fun…

5 thoughts on “Work shmirk

  1. Tanya Post author

    What?!? You don’t believe they can predict your life-long level of well-being through a questionnaire? I’m not sure you’ve embraced the true spirit of procrastination…

  2. Deryn

    well apparently I’m doing quite well, but am using more than my share of resources. And I feel bad about that. Maybe I will spent my morning reprogramming the thermostat instead of editing?
    Tanya – were you one of those kids in high school who distracted others from studying for exams?

  3. Tanya Kyi

    Well you know, you can sit at home thinking about studying for your exams, or you can go to the Broaster House for a milkshake and still be home with two hours to study and the ideal blood sugar level to make your studying more effective…


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