Workshop 101

I’m going to a Master Class this weekend, organized by CWILL BC. There’s an editor from the U.S. flying in to teach the course, and the attendees include such accomplished writers as Nan Gregory, Norma Charles, and Maggie DeVries.

A pop quiz:

To prepare for this workshop, I am spending Friday morning:

(a) in a combination of meditation and freewriting exercises, to prepare both mind and body

(b) reading the works of the aforementioned writers, in a frantic attempt to appear more educated

(c) getting highlights

The answer is (c), obviously. The workshop includes an in-class critique of each writer’s work. In my experience, when a group is critiquing my work, it’s best to be able to silently repeat the mantra, “I may not be able to write, but at least my hair looks fabulous.”

Plus, if Duthie’s is open early and Slacker Boy’s not working, I can pick up some novels and accomplish (b) while my head is wrapped in foil.

Ahh, multitasking…

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