Would you like whole milk or skim, sir?

After I e-mailed fellow blogger Deborah Hodge this afternoon about the possibility of an upcoming career change, I decided to do some research. Here’s my comparison of the benefits available at Starbucks, and at my current occupation:

Starbucks barista position: Progressive Compensation Package of Healthcare Benefits

Writing: left-over princess band-aids from the medicine cabinet

Starbucks barista position: Retirement Savings Plan Stock Options

Writing: there is no retirement

Starbucks barista position: Life and Disability Coverage

Writing: Milton wrote blind, why can’t I?

Starbucks barista position: Management Bonus Plan

Writing: I’m able to boss myself around as much as I want to

Starbucks barista position: Domestic partner benefits

Writing: Min benefits on days when writing goes well, and suffers on the other 363 days per year

Starbucks barista position: Support resources for childcare

Writing: Yes, this is available, and I call it Sesame Street

Starbucks barista position: a free pound of coffee each week

Writing: provides me with excellent training for filling out future Starbucks application forms

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