Yay Gregor!

Dear Mayor Gregor Robertson:

I am writing to thank you for implementing city-wide composting with the biweekly yard waste pick-up.

I’ve been happily using my own backyard compost bin since 2007, when the garbage strike inspired me to reduce our household waste and the birth of my son increased my fear of climate change.

Earlier this month, my composting dedication was threatened by… a RAT! After I recovered from my first meeting/heart attack, we had a second encounter. I understand that climate change is a a larger issue than rodent droppings. However, facing a real live rat is quite a challenge to one’s environmental intentions.

So, you can imagine my delight when I found the notice in my mailbox. I could temporarily abandon my backyard composter, and add organic material to the yard waste bin. I have never been happier with a city initiative. (Although, the bikes lanes and the community gardens are pretty cool, too.)

With thanks,

Tanya Kyi

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