I’m practically Pinochet

The Last Battle has been “disappeared” from my daughter’s Narnia collection.

I was warned by kc dyer in the comments of this post that The Last Battle might not be easy bedtime reading. Um… yes. Understatement.

First, even if I were up to explaining the whole Tashlan thing, and whether people of different religions do or do not worship the same God, I would need a degree in theology to even begin to answer the rest of the questions this book would raise.

Second, the book manages to be convoluted and plotless at the same time.

Third, there’s the ending. (Spoiler alert.) Everyone dies! Everyone! I suppose the title should have given this away, but I was imagining something more gentle. Not the ending in which there’s a crunching, grinding train crash juxtaposed with a war, and some go to Aslan’s world and some disappear and some wander around blind for eternity.

Not. Bedtime. Reading.

Thank you, kc dyer.

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