Library book brownie points

Ideally, you’re supposed to take your kids to the library with you. But sometimes, life is just too busy. When Min sent me to Oakridge Mall yesterday to pick up Diablo 3 (his “reading” material for the month), I ducked into the Oakridge library branch and rummaged for some bedtime books.

My son and I have been reading the lovely Toys Go Out. We just finished the part where Plastic (the rubber ball) is eaten by a possible shark (dog). When we’re done, we can now balance Emily Jenkins’ subtle humour with Dave Pilkey’s more overt brand. There are two new Captain Underpants titles waiting. My son is thrilled. Although he said, clutching Wedgie Woman with a sigh, “The only bad thing about Kidsbooks is that you have to pay. The bad thing about the library is that you have to give the books back.”

Ah, the truths of the universe.

Choosing books for my daughter is much more difficult, but I came home with Lemonade Wars (which she’d heard about) and 11 Birthdays, by the same author as her much loved Candymakers.

Okay, I had no idea they were both by Wendy Mass. I chose 11 Birthdays for its cover. But I didn’t tell my daughter that. Nope, I took my brownie points and ran.

Yay, Mommy!

3 thoughts on “Library book brownie points

  1. Sarah

    We have are also reading Wedgie Woman – on your endorsement. Fiona asks “Mummy, who invented the Wedgie?” “I don’t know,” I replied. “Why don’t you just look it up in that underwear book we have?” she asks. See how much you are influencing our reading…


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